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Hearts for Healthcare Workers

You may have seen a viral post floating around referencing #HeartsForHealthcareWorkers. Thanks to the suggestion of Tyler Moses and the #BooCrew, we're joining.
"Nurses and healthcare workers are required to go to work. They've taken oaths to help others in times like these. They're stressed, and many scared, yet they're coming home with brave faces for their families. They are constantly washing and cleaning everything in order to keep this virus at bay from their own families."
The post continues and asks that you prominently display a big red heart on your front door or mailbox so that when these healthcare workers are on their way to work to care for others, they're reminded of our love and appreciation for them. So instead of spreading this virus, we're spreading our love and appreciation for our selfless heroes. 
Tyler Moses suggested we help him make hearts for the #BooCrew (Cody Rigsby Peloton Fan Group).   Tyler gave us permission to share the idea widely so as many people as possible could get these hearts!  (the hearts you order from the #BooCrew page will have the #BooCrew Logo on them, the hearts you order here will say Stronger Together, otherwise they are the same.)
We are making 8"x 7.5" acrylic hearts that will be laser-engraved with our Stronger Together logo. The heart will have a drill hole so that you may use ribbon to hang it from your door or mailbox. Our primary intent was to make this as cost-inclusive as possible so that there would be vast participation.
We're #StrongerTogether, so let's show-up and shower our Healthcare workers with some love.
The picture below is a mock up, the actual hearts will be clear red acrylic that are laser engraved.  We'll put up a new pic when we finish the first hearts!